Digital Smile Design is a powerful tool which lets us design and create healthy smiles that are custom made to suit your physical appearance and personality.

What can Digital Smile Design do for you?

You can’t build something without assessing, designing and planning first – and this is what Digital Smile Design does for teeth and smiles. It takes the guesswork out of dental treatment and smile design to give you peace of mind and a preview of your new smile at the start.

What type of results can Digital Smile Design give you?


Natural-looking, brighter teeth


Natural-looking, brighter teeth


Natural-looking, brighter teeth

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Natural-looking, brighter teeth

What has stopped you from achieving a confident smile?

  • Dental treatment is too time consuming
  • I don’t want to end up with a fake-looking smile
  • I don’t want uncomfortable or painful treatment
  • I’m too anxious to go to the dentist
  • I don’t think it will make me feel more confident


     Let Digital Smile Design surprise you at FY Smile

          We lay out your treatment plan in full detail and let you preview your new smile at the start.  


We’re an official
DSD Clinic

Dr Fadi Yassmin is a Key Opinion Leader for Digital Smile Design who teaches these concepts to dentists around the world. FY Smile is an official Digital Smile Design Clinic with the skill and expertise to offer this life-changing treatment for patients.

Digital Smile Design Clinic