Making Dramatic  Transformations going beyond expectations achieving a confident natural smile 





There are many ways to change spaced teeth, otherwise known as a diastema, in the mouth. Whether it is through orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry or a combination of both, our comprehensive approach will help give you that glamorous smile you are looking for.








Stained Teeth

Braces, tetracycline staining, coffee, wine and more can result in stained teeth, as shown here. In just two visits, whitening and porcelain bonded restorations gave her the smile she had always wanted.








Gummy Smile

Short crowns and stained teeth coupled with a gummy smile left this patient desiring a new smile. Dr Shapiro was able to transform her through plastic surgery of her gums and porcelain bonded restorations. The result gave her a natural and aesthetic smile.








Misaligned Teeth

Misaligned teeth and an improper bite led to broken and worn teeth on this young patient.

Through the use of Dr Shapiro's high tech approach, the patient was able to realize the healthy and mature looking smile she had dreamed of.







worn teeth hub

Worn Teeth

A history of excessive wear and improper alignment led to broken teeth.

Full mouth rehabilitation utilized porcelain bonded restorations that restored both the confidence and smile of this man.







chipped teeth hub

Chipped Teeth

Chipping and wear due to bite problems and grinding made this patient self-conscious of the way her teeth looked and she was careful not to smile.

Subtle whitening and bonded restorations gave her a sense of self-confidence and a beautiful smile.