Porcelain Crowns


Are recommended when there is not enough tooth structure to support a filling or other types of dental restorations. Or if you have fractured cusps. They restore the natural bite, feel and look of teeth and because they contain no metal, they do not show a dark gray shadow or line that might be apparent in older style crowns

Porcelain Veneers


Are thin custom made chips of porcelain that are permanently applied to the front of the tooth. They are used to improve color, position, size and shape of the teeth. They can provide unparalleled esthetic restorations that are very conservative in the amount of tooth structure that needs to be sacrificed.


Posterior Composite Restorations



Through the bonding process we change old silver fillings to Invisible bonded restorations. These restorations are non-toxic, tooth reinforcing and esthetically pleasing as compared to the old fashioned sliver/black mercury filled teeth.The bonding process also leads to a stronger restoration that reinforces the tooth rather the old fillings that often lead to broken and cracked teeth.




cosmetic contour


When there is adequate tooth structure, subtle contouring of the tooth's enamel can straighten teeth and remove chips to give a more natural appearance. 




Ismile - Inlays Onlays


When there is insufficient tooth structure to support a simple restoration and enough to preclude a crown, we place an inlay or onlay. These are partial crowns that are made of composite or porcelain and create an invisible tooth colored restoration that replaces missing or decayed tooth structure in a conservative and esthetic manner.