At iSmile, you will find skilled and experienced surgeons to help improve your smile. Our dental care practice is backed with rich experience and integration of advanced dental technologies. We use new periodontal surgery techniques and ensure you get the best treatment required for a perfect smile.

Don’t like your smile much? Your gum tissues cover some part of your teeth? Want a proper solution? That’s what we are here for. We offer a number of procedures that can help you get rid of excess gum tissues and make your smile better and more beautiful. Some of the procedures that we usually follow during the surgery include gum grafting, gum bleaching and crown lengthening. How many procedures we need to follow depends on the patient’s exact condition.

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Through the use of lasers and micro-surgical plastic procedures we are able to eradicate unwanted gum tissue or supplement missing tissue to create the proper background for your teeth. It is these procedures that make the difference in creating what we view as the perfect smile.

We have performed several cosmetic dental surgeries before and all our clients are satisfied with our service. Whether you need drastic changes or subtle ones to improve your smile, we are there to provide the best possible results by most suitable and effective solutions. We ensure a hassle-free experience for you.