Do you have decayed teeth? Want an economical yet aesthetic solution? Looking for an easy and effective treatment? Don’t worry, iSmile can help!

    A missing or decayed tooth can ruin your smile. It can make you embarrassed and you may not feel like smiling at all in any gathering. We know how bad it looks and how hesitant one might feel because of a decayed or missing tooth. But, you don’t have to worry anymore about it as we have a perfect solution for you.

    Here is how we help our patients with decayed teeth:


    When there is insufficient tooth structure to support a simple restoration and enough to preclude a crown, we place an inlay or onlay. These are partial crowns that are made of composite or porcelain and create an invisible tooth colored restoration that replaces missing or decayed tooth structure in a conservative and aesthetic manner. Both the onlays and inlays are just like indirect fillings which are fabricated in our in-house laboratory. Whether your treatment includes inlays or onlays, the procedure for both is the same.

    If your tooth is damaged and you need a perfect solution to make it look better, iSmile can help. We offer indirect restoration using inlays and onlays. Thus if you need a reliable treatment for broken or missing teeth, we are a credible option.