Have you been brushing your teeth regularly lately but your teeth still don't look white? If yes, there is a chance that you might have dental calculus. Dental calculus is generally known as teeth tartar. As it is a crusty deposit, it traps stains on the surface of teeth, which causes discoloration of teeth.

What is dental calculus? 

Even if you take care of your teeth, you still have bacteria in your mouth. When the bacteria combine with the food particles and proteins, it becomes dental plaque.

Dental Calculas

This plaque covers the surface area of your teeth, sticks to the dental filling you might have gotten, and gets under your gum line. Over time, the minerals in the saliva and plaque combine to form a crystal-like substance. When these crystals become hard, it becomes tartar. Tartar is rough in texture. It is most commonly found above and below the gum line. 

When you have tartar, it becomes difficult to brush your teeth and floss. As a consequence, you are at the risk of having tooth decay and cavities. If tartar is not removed in time, pockets will be formed between the teeth and gum. This condition is known as periodontitis. If periodontitis is not treated, it leads to damage to tissue and bones in the mouth. 

How to remove tartar? 

The normal plaque can be easily removed by regular brushing for a definite amount of time. But once the plaque turns into tartar, it becomes impossible to get it removed yourself. You would need to see a professional get dental calculus removed from your teeth. The dentist or hygienist will use sharp dental instruments to scrape the tartar. 

After that, the dentist will also smooth the tooth's surface so that more plaque and tartar can be avoided from accumulating in the future. 

The reason why tartar can't be removed at home is that it becomes hard. A normal toothbrush and floss cannot make any difference in removing it. Dental calculus can also contribute to a person's low self-esteem as it results in yellow or brown colored stains on the teeth. If dental calculus is not treated in time, it can result in bad breath, serious gum diseases, and tooth decay. 

Best NYC dentist to remove dental calculus 

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The first step of good oral health is to ensure that you always take care of your teeth and mouth. Instead of brushing your teeth occasionally, make a habit of brushing them at least twice a day.

Tartar Removal

After you consume your breakfast in the morning, brush them properly so that no plaque remains in your mouth. Choose a toothpaste with tartar-control. Flossing your teeth on a regular basis will also help in keeping your mouth clean and healthy. 

Schedule appointments with your dentist every six months to always remain on top of your dental health. If you feel any toothache or see a tooth cavity that is worsening with time, do not wait any longer and book an appointment immediately. 

Dr Jeffrey Shapiro

Dr. Jeffrey Shapiro 

Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist