Dental probiotics are perceived as a controversial topic in the dental field. While some people talk about the many advantages they bring, others claim oral probiotics are nothing but a myth. In this article, we intend to help you in figuring out whether dental probiotics are worth it or not. Let’s get started with the basics. 


What are probiotics? 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) probiotics are microorganisms that are safe for human consumption. Probiotics essentially are healthy bacteria.

Dental probiotics

They have been used, for decades, in several types of food to enhance their health factor. It needs to be noted that the benefits of probiotics go further than just basic nutrition. They are most commonly known for having a positive impact on the digestive health of humans. It is only recently that research is showing probiotics can aid in keeping the mouth healthy too. 


While the US Food and Drug Administration has neither talked in favor of or against oral probiotics, here are some of the popular studies that show their benefits. Let’s take a look: 


Fighting bad breath 

Bad breath is one of the most common dental issues that patients have. The problem is patients usually shy away from sharing this issue even with their dentists, which directly impacts their self-confidence. People with bad breath are afraid of getting close to people while in public and are self-aware about themselves. Bad breath can be caused by several factors including bad bacteria in your mouth, bacteria in your gut, and many more. A recent study consisted of 23 people. They took an antimicrobial mouthwash and later either took a placebo or supplement with oral probiotic for three days. It was established that 85% of the people who took probiotics had a significant decrease in the number of bad bacteria. 


Preventing plaque 

 Our mouth has different types of bacteria all the time. Some are labeled as good bacteria while others are harmful bacteria. The harmful ones can result in plaque.

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A study conducted in 2016 found out that A12, a strain of bacteria, can be used to fight Streptococcus mutant, which causes a cavity. With oral probiotic comes A12 bacteria that help in fighting against plaque and cavities. 


Decreasing inflammation 

 According to another research, dental probiotic bacteria can aid in efficiently managing inflammation from the disease. The study which was done in 2007 proved that individuals who took some sort of supplement that had Lactobacillus Brevis bacteria helped in lessening inflammation. Another separate study was done which showed that by drinking probiotic milk, oral inflammation can be significantly decreased. 


Preventing oral cancer 

 Oral cancer is more common than most people realize but the good thing is a study done in 2013 shows that it can be prevented with a dental probiotic. In this study, the tests were conducted on rats. More studies are underway. 


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We hope this article helped you in understanding that taking a dental probiotic can have a positive impact on several dental issues you might be facing or want to avoid. But it does not mean that taking care of your dental health should not be your top priority.

Dental Probiotic

From brushing your teeth twice a day, preferably after consuming something and flossing once a day - you should always remain on top of your oral health. Whether you take probiotic or not, it is essential to take care of your mouth and ensure no cavities are being formed. 


If you are facing any type of dental issue or ache, without any further ado, book an appointment today with iSmile and get your teeth checked by our expert team of professionals. 

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