As the COVID-19 pandemic has made the entire world its hostage, each one of us is now trying to find some normality in this unknown world.

Brush Regularly

From having no physical contact with people other than our quarantine partners and keeping going out of the home to the bare minimum, it is important that we don’t ignore other important aspects of life. While Corona is real and one should be serious about social distancing and following the guidelines issued by WHO, it is equally important to keep yourself healthy otherwise too.

The majority of people seem to give no importance to their oral health every time they are faced with uncertain circumstances. But this is not the right approach. Just because COVID-19 is here does not mean if you don’t brush your teeth, you will not get germs in the mouth that in return can result in cavities and other dental issues.

To help you in getting started, our team of expert dentists has compiled a list of dental tips that will help you in taking care of your oral health. Let’s take a look:

Brush your teeth

This might seem to be common sense but you would be surprised if you take a look at the stats. Almost 50% of individuals in the US do not brush their teeth.

Brush Teeth

This is why we are telling you right now: brush your teeth. Instead of brushing the moment, you wake up, brush your teeth after taking a meal. This way you can get rid of any leftover food particles in your mouth. Our dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day.

Type of brush

When you are doing your brush shopping, instead of going for fancy toothbrushes with large heads, choose the one that has a smaller head. A brush with a smaller head can reach your back teeth, which are usually homes to cavities. Also, choose brushes with soft bristles as hard ones can bring damage to your gums. 

Time duration

Many people while brushing their teeth are in a frenzy. They put on toothpaste on the brush and in just 10 seconds or so, they get done with it. This is synonymous with not brushing at all. Dentists recommend that you should brush for at least 2 to 3 minutes in a go.

Toothpaste type

Tooth decay is a very common issue among dental patients. This can be avoided if you choose the right type of toothpaste. Toothpaste that has fluoride will help you in fighting against tooth decay and hardening the tooth enamel

Keep a check on your intake

When you consume sugary things like fizzy drinks, chocolates, and desserts, the sugar gets converted into acid in the mouth. This acid erodes the enamel of your teeth, making them vulnerable to get cavities. It is important that you become mindful of the food items you eat instead of eating mindlessly. Consume sugary stuff in a limited amount. Try to eat vegetables and crunchy fruit more.

Drink lots of water

Water is the best drink for great health, be it physical or dental. It is recommended by our dentists that you have one glass of water after you have consumed a meal.

Dental Tips

It helps in washing down any particles that were leftover in the mouth. If you eat acidic foods or sticky food items, drinking water will help in washing the negative effects of these substances.

Don’t undermine flossing

The general belief is that flossing is only required when you have small pieces of food stuck between your teeth. The reality could not be farther from this. Flossing is done to reduce plaque and lower down the inflammation in the mouth. Ideally, you should floss once daily

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It is pertinent that you always take care of your teeth. Just like your physical and mental health demand care from you, so does your oral health. If you ever find any cavity or any other dental problem starting to arise, do not wait for it to worsen. It will only cause you more pain and money. It is a well-known fact that dental treatments are expensive so our advice is that you book an appointment with your dentist if there is an issue. Nip the evil in the bud remains true in this case.

If you are in NYC and need to see a dentist urgently for an issue or treatment that is not letting you sit in peace, book an appointment today with us.

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Dr. Jeffrey Shapiro 

Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist